Sunday, June 11, 2017

Pressure Washer Purchase and Use

We hadn't done any pressure washing outside in about two years. I usually borrow a friend's pressure washer and finally got a hold of it this past weekend. I was making some progress when the machine ran out of gas. I filled it up and then could not get it started again.

The machine had been used quite a bit since I last had possession of it. We pulled on it and it got to where it was hurting my hand to try to start it. We brought it back around the corner to my friend and went straight over to Home Depot. Owning my own pressure washer is something I had always thought about doing but had been able to borrow one for so long. Well, my friend suggested that if I was going to but one that I might try an electric one so I didn't have to mess with the motor.

That sounded like a good idea so we ended up getting a Ryobi 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer for about $179. It worked well for us to get a good day of work in. Dealing with the power cord in the way along with the high pressure hose and water hose was an added challenge to deal with but I sure didn't have to put gasoline or oil in my new machine. Here is the YouTube Video we made about the new machine and shows us putting it to good use.