Sunday, June 11, 2017

How Old is the "New Bridge"?

My wife and I were watching the LSU baseball game vs. Mississippi State last night when the camera panned out to get a shot of out Mississippi River Bridge in Baton Rouge. It was of course the bigger, nicer, and newer bridge of the two that we have in Baton Rouge.
Local Denham Springs and LSU baseball legend, Ben McDonald, was the color commentator for the game as he works for ESPN now as a baseball analyst. Ben told his fellow announcer that that was the new bridge of the two and that it wasn't that new anymore as it was about 25 years old. My wife and I both instantly said to each other that the new bridge was very much older than 25 years old as Ben McDonald had stated on the telecast.

I agreed and stated that we used to drive over the bridge when I was a kid all the time to get to out camp that we owned on False River. Of course, my wife grew up in the False River area and she too was certain that the bridge was a lot older than 25 years old. She quickly got on her phone and Googled to find out the the new bridge will actually be 50 years old next year.

She asked did I know the name of the new bridge and I surprised her by stating the it is the Horace Wilkinson Bridge. Not many people know that or call it that. Most everyone just calls it the "New Bridge". If you are not familiar with the bridge it is the one in the header for this website. Anyway, I quickly got on Twitter and send Ben a message about the actual age of the new bridge and to both my wife and I's amusement, Ben came back on the air after a commercial break shortly after that and told everyone that the bridge was actually 50 years old and that everyone was sure to let him know about his mistake.

We go a great laugh out of the whole thing. Thanks Ben for taking the time to read my Tweet. The home team Tigers did pull off a thrilling come from behind victory as well.