Friday, May 12, 2017

Area 51 is Popular and Fun for Kids

One of the newest things that kids love to do is go to these indoor trampoline parks. There are a least two of these in the Baton Rouge area. The one that my kids like to go to is behind the Mall of Louisiana called Area 51. It has been an instant hit with young people in the area. If you've never been to the place, it is basically a large indoor space with various forms of trampolines and trampoline type games such as a dodge ball area, a foam pit for flipping into, another foam pit for swinging down into, a few basketball goals to dunk on, a climbing wall and things like that.

Customers must log into their website and have their parents sign a waiver if under 18. Obviously, there is a potential for someone to get hurt at these places so jump at your own risk I guess. It is set up safely and there are young people that work the floor areas to monitor and make sure people are playing in a safe manner. I will post a couple of videos I have from the place below for you to get an idea if this is somewhere you would like to take your kids.