Monday, May 15, 2017

Spring Means Getting the Yard in Shape

As spring is here and we are getting ready for the summer and no school, that means getting the back yard in shape. We spent a big amount of effort on swapping out pools recently. The next big thing that I needed to do was to get our big oak tree trimmed. It constantly has low hanging branches that make it difficult to cut the grass underneath or to even walk underneath it.

We trimmed a good bit on it last year but this year I decided to take it to another level. I purchased a Remington Ranger Electric Pole Saw from Amazon and we got after some big limbs on Mother's Day. It made a huge difference for the yard and I wanted to share out video on this project for you. If you need to do some serious tree pruning then this pole saw is a good buy and I recommend it. For only about $80 it was well worth the cost. Thanks!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Area 51 is Popular and Fun for Kids

One of the newest things that kids love to do is go to these indoor trampoline parks. There are a least two of these in the Baton Rouge area. The one that my kids like to go to is behind the Mall of Louisiana called Area 51. It has been an instant hit with young people in the area. If you've never been to the place, it is basically a large indoor space with various forms of trampolines and trampoline type games such as a dodge ball area, a foam pit for flipping into, another foam pit for swinging down into, a few basketball goals to dunk on, a climbing wall and things like that.

Customers must log into their website and have their parents sign a waiver if under 18. Obviously, there is a potential for someone to get hurt at these places so jump at your own risk I guess. It is set up safely and there are young people that work the floor areas to monitor and make sure people are playing in a safe manner. I will post a couple of videos I have from the place below for you to get an idea if this is somewhere you would like to take your kids.

Summer Upon Us for 2017

It's been a good while since I last posted on this site. It is one that means a lot to me. The photos here of me spending time with my kids bring back great memories. It is amazing how time has flown by. My son will be a senior next school year and it will be my daughter's 8th grade year. This school year has been just crazy for all of us as our little town of Denham Springs just outside of Baton Rouge was hit with some terrible flooding only a few days into the school year in August of 2016. It was truly a devastating event for Denham Springs and many, many people across the Baton Rouge area. The flood waters devastated many people's homes and both my son's high school ( DSHS ) and my and my daughter's school, Southside Junior High.

We have been relocated to a temporary campus behind Juban Parc Junior High School in the south part of Denham Springs. We are all hopeful to one day be able to go back to our old location to maybe a brand new school if the FEMA authorities agree to their 90% cost of the anticipated multi-million dollar project. Again, this is all just speculation at this point but the hope is a shiny new junior high school for our community one day soon.

This blog continues to get plenty of traffic on a regular basis. I am going to do my best to work on it in the next several weeks as I will have extra time on my hands for the summer time. Thank you for your support of this effort and I wish all of God's blessings on you and your family.