Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rock Star Go Kart Racing in Baton Rouge

Yesterday, I took my kids to the neighbors birthday party at a new go kart racing place I had heard about recently. It is not anything like the races you are familiar with at probably Celebration Station which are outdoors. This place is located at Airline Highway and Old Jefferson Highway right close to Parkview Baptist Church. It is a former large grocery store that has been converted into an indoor go kart race track.

There appears to be a smaller track set up outside but since is was sort of rainy and wet it appeared to be closed. Well, anyway the place is very safety conscious and kids have to have their parent sign a waiver before they are allowed to race in the slower race featuring the junior karts that go slower. No they still go about 15 to 20 miles per hour so that's not that slow. Anyway, since we were there for a birthday party we were ushered off to the backside of the race track where the birthday party room is located. After our hostess girls brought us some pitchers of coke, the kids just had to wait a short while for their turn to race. The kids were all issued their own black "do-rag" type thing that they were to wear before putting on the helmet. This is probably a good thing to prevent the spread of lice.

Anyway, a young man came into the party room before the kids were race and went over the safety rules on the track and took any questions. Then he led the kids to the far side of the building and they got in their junior karts and had a blast racing against each other. Each kart is apparently equipped with a GPS type of device that tracks the karts speed per lap and fastest lap time and also tracks who is winning the race by completing the most laps. When a driver has a spin out then all karts have to stop while the young men run to help the driver straighten out and then they all get going again.

The kids all had a really good time and this is a really nice place. My daughter is only nine at the time of this post and she drove her own kart and did just fine racing the older boys. If the grownups want in on the action they have some adult races with some much faster karts. These karts go about 25-30 miles an hour. I didn't get to try that but it sure looks like a blast. Rock Star GO Kart Racing is a really fun thing to do in Baton Rouge.