Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A visit to Baton Rouge's Chuck E. Cheese's on Siegen Lane

If you have not been to a Baton Rouge Chuck E Cheese restaurant yet with your kids, you're missing out on loads of fun. This place is always a favorite for families and a dream place for the kids. Be ready for lots of people to be there catching in on the fun. We recently (July '07) went to the newer Chuck E Cheese on Siegen Lane in Baton Rouge and we all had a great time. A picture of Tyler and Haley ready for some fun is in the left menu.

We were quite surprised at the large amount of people that were at this popular pizza place at only 5:00 PM. We usually try to go out to eat early in order to avoid the crowds and waiting lines for tables. We had a coupon that my wife obtained from work that was for a large pizza and 100 tokens for $30. This was a very good deal as 100 tokens would normally cost $25 according to my wife. We also ordered some hot wings and drinks too.

We had to search hard to find an open available table once we made our way with out drinks and little number marker that the waitresses use to bring your order to you. We decided to go ahead and play some games while we waited, since we had so many tokens. The kids were not interested in sitting down and ran off with tokens in hand to play some games.

I let the ladies go off together first to play games while I "guarded" our table. Tyler's old enough that he can run around and play games by himself. There is a security system in place at the entrance to prevent a child leaving with a stranger. Tyler agreed to pose for a picture for me at a game that was close to our table. He's a good sport when it comes to posing for pictures for me and his mom.

My wife came back after a few minutes and gave me a turn with Haley and the games. The rides for the smaller kids are all in the same area together. I spent some time following Haley around from rides and games. One game was sort of like an electronic coloring board. She also had a blast making here way through the climbing tunnel. Haley really enjoyed the monster truck ride.

The pizza and hot wings arrived at our table and we took a break from playing games to eat. The pepperoni pizza was quite good and so were the hot wings and sauce. It was hard for the kids to concentrate on eating as they were so excited to go back and play more games.
If you're in the mood for serious food and fun with the kids and don't mind the crowds, the Baton Rouge Chuck E Cheese Restaurant at Siegen Lane in Baton Rouge offers lots of games and indoor rides. It almost certain that your family will have a great time. We had plenty of fun as you can tell.