Friday, February 04, 2011

The Chimes Restaurant on Coursey Blvd.

Welcome to Baton Rouge. This site is guide to help you in your online visit to this great Louisiana city. Whether you are looking for Louisiana real estate or a Baton Rouge restaurant or searching for things to do, I'm sure you'll find this site useful. I'm Terry Hoover and this site will supply you with information you need on one of the South's greatest and fastest growing cities. Find information on LSU football, important news, entertainment, real estate, restaurants, hotels and all other things you need to know about the dynamic city.

Whether you're catching an LSU football on a Saturday night or dining out with friends or family, there's always lots of choices of things to do. I love to dine out on the weekends with my family so I'll tell you about the area's restaurants from my own family's dining experiences and those of my family and friends.

The surrounding areas of East Baton Rouge Parish are experiencing tremendous growth. This site will supply information on these areas including Ascension and Livingston Parishes. What is a parish you might ask? It's basically the Louisiana version of a county. Yes, things are done a little differently in Louisiana.

The city's name is a French term meaning "Red Stick." It has grown to become Louisiana's largest city. If you are traveling or moving to the city or a resident looking to explore and find things to do, this is the place to be.

Come visit or just enjoy this online guide for Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It's a wonderful city. Come catch the excitement of an LSU football game or dine out with me and my family. There's lots to do here. Explore this site and see why it is a great place be.

An exciting new feature for this site is will the opportunity for you to contribute to this website. You can now post user reviews for restaurants or local places to visit. This enables you to share your experiences to others and give our readers a larger set of first hand reviews in order to base their decisions. You can also go to the LSU football page and post your favorite stories and comments.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011