Saturday, January 01, 2011

Bayou Country Superfest

My family and friends attended the Bayou Country Superfest concert held this past weekend ( 5-29 & 5-30-2010) held in Baton Rouge's very own Tiger Stadium on the LSU campus. We had a great time to say the least. This mega concert had about 45,000 people in attendance for the star studded two day event. It was a major success according to the concert promoters and local Baton Rouge business leaders. Local hotels and restaurants also reported to be packed all weekend long to accommodate many out of town guests that came to the extravaganza. It was great to Baton Rouge be able to out on such an event that brought some positive publicity to the local community.

Saturday night at the Bayou Country Superfest Kellie Pickler singing all her popular songs including "red High Heels" and "Didn't you know how much I loved you?". She did a lot better that I thought she would. Next the super talented Kieth Urban played wearing and LSU t-shirt to the delight of many Tiger fans in attendance. In my opinion he should have been the headliner that night. He is just superbly talented. He sang just about any and all of his popular songs and his guitar skills were most impressive. Finally, the headliner was Taylor Swift. I can promise you that my daughter Haley and her little friend were very excited about this and both of them looked really cute in their yellow Taylor Swift t-shirts and cow girl hats. Taylor Swift is a beautiful young lady and she sang most of her hits and did a lot of talking about boys and how they shouldn't do bad things if they don't want her to write songs about them. Some of her stuff was more geared towards the youngsters in the crowd and they seemed to love every bit of her act. It was a great way to end the first night of the concert.

The next day of the Bayou Country Superfest we got out to the stadium around 1:PM as we had the day before and parked on the grass lots where the old golf course used to be again. It was a pretty good spot and we opened up the back of the SUV's and got the tent and chairs out and cranked up the LSU baseball game for a while and later my Kenny Chesney CD's. The first act started again around 4:00. The last few artists were Jason Aldean and he sang his hit "Big Green Tractor". Jake Owen allowed a couple from the audience up on stage and a young man asked his girlfriend to marry him. She said "yes" and then they had their first dance on stage to "Don't you think I can't love you" which the crowd really enjoyed. Later the biggest selling duo in country music history, Brooks and Dunn, put on a farewell performance featuring all kinds of great hits by the pair. They were very talented and well received by the crowd at the Bayou Country Superfest. Finally, the act we or at least me, had all been waiting for Kenny Chesney appeared on stage. He was great and the fans were loving it. He sang songs like "Summertime" which is perhaps my favorite, and "Beer in Mexico," "Young" and "I go back". His encore was "She thinks my tractor's sexy" and it was a great time singing along to all the songs.

The Bayou Country Superfest was a great concert event and the people of Baton Rouge, LSU, the concert organizers, the entertainers and of course the fans all seemed to really enjoy and be happy to be a part of such a great event for the Baton Rouge area. I'm already looking forward to next year's concert.