Saturday, August 15, 2009

Denham Springs Library Visit

Have you been to your local area library lately? There's a place that you can visit by yourself or with your kids that offers a visit to other worlds, far off places, magical kingdoms, and an abundance of informational resources all for free. That's right, big things have been happening at the local Baton Rouge library and other ones all over the Baton Rouge, Livingston Parish, and Ascension Parish area.

Recently this summer, (July 'o7) I took my kids to our brand new local library in Denham Springs. This was a real treat for us and a fun thing to do. A teacher by profession, I am aware of how reading is such an important part of a child's educational development. It's a fact. The more a child reads, the better there educational accomplishments. Haley was eager to find herself a book.

Our visit was an adventure for the kids as Haley was amazed at all the choices of books. She of course looked for books with familiar cartoon characters like Barney, Cailou, and others. She did a fairly good job of staying quiet. Tyler was used to going to the library at his elementary school so he was more used to the idea of being very quiet. Tyler posed for a picture while browsing through the books that I posted on the side menu.

After the kids both found enough books for one visit, we walked down to the other side of the building for grownups. There were quite a few people down on the other end with people enjoying the use of some computers for internet browsing. If you don't have a computer, this is a great place for word processing or surfing the net. That's a valuable resource for anyone. Students young and old will need computer access at some point and the library has this for you.

Anyway, as I tried to get the kids to sit quietly at a table on that side of the library my daughter began to get restless and make it difficult for me to have my own time browsing through the books. I saw a really nice book on Baton Rouge but it was a resource book and was not allowed to be checked out. I decided to go ahead and pass on a book for myself so not to disturb the adults. Later, Tyler, Haley and I posed for a picture the a librarian took for us.

We checked out nine books total for that visit and my kids were really excited about that. We had about three weeks to keep those books which seems like plenty of time. The librarian said that if you needed more time with the books that you can log on to their website and extend the time to keep the books if needed. Haley posed by a doll collection that was on exhibit when we first arrived. I posted this picture on the lower right menu.

I suggest you visit your local area Baton Rouge library branch and you can take advantage of special training classes on different computer programs and many other special things for the local community. Baton Rouge has many fine libraries. There's the main Baton Rouge library on Goodwood which is due to be either rebuilt for expansion. I spent a lot of time as a kid at that Baton Rouge library branch as have thousands of other people. There's a nice branch on Jones Creek, Bluebonnet, Greenwell Springs and others. Livingston Parish had long been lacking in adequate library facilities until a recent tax vote allowed the parish to raise the funds and build some really nice libraries. These were greatly need for a booming population and have really enhanced the image of the parish. Why don't you take a short ride to your local library to see what you've been missing? You'll be glad you did.