Tuesday, February 17, 2009

BCS game - memories to last a lifetime

We got to N.O. around noon. We just hung out watching the crowds. If you are a people watcher, N.O. is the place to be - even on a normal day! LOL We also could see the set of Gameday. They had it so far up in the air that we didn't try to get near it. Around 3 we went up by the Dome. They had a Fan Jam going with booths and music. We walked around there and ended up on the side of the Dome where bands go in. The way the Dome is, you can stand on the level above street level and look down on what is going on the street. We watched both bands enter the Dome and of course yelled loudly for our Tiger band. Soon after that, we heard sirens, It was the police escort for the Ohio State team they parked the busses close to where we were. Just after that more sirens - THE LSU TIGERS HAD ARRIVED! They parked the Tiger buses directly below where we were standing. We got to see all on them get off the busss; Dorsey, Flynn, Steltz, Hester etc. We yelled loudly and continually. After that we went in the Dome. We watched warm ups and got a bite to eat. Both bands did a pregame show. I had heard about "script Ohio" all my life. It was cool to see it. Of course when the Tiger band came on the field the roar was deafening. Da, da ,daa, da just gives you goosebumps! Finally it was time for the game to start. What can I say - we were a little concerned when the Buckeyes went up 10 - 0 but we knew it was early. From then on it was pretty much all LSU. They were awesome and we screamed a LOT!!! At the end to see Coach Miles and the members of the team hold up that crystal ball was the best sight EVER! It was pretty emotional! It was an awesome night.... one we will never forget!!

This post is by my friend Karen