Monday, February 18, 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

LSU Bayou Bash

Above is a picture of me at the LSU Bayou Bash recruiting football party. I went with a friend from work. We are both took a day off from work and were eager to attend the days festivities at the River Center in downtown Baton Rouge. We had our purple and gold shirts and caps on like all good Tiger fans and got to the event eager for some action and entertainment on all things Tiger football related.
Now I could say that we had a fantastic and unbelievable time, but that wouldn't exactly be true. Neither me nor my friend Tim had been to the event before so we weren't really sure what to expect. I had brought along a newspaper with the anticipation that there would be some down time. Well there was a whole lot of down time, more than I thought there would be. There were a lot of vendors there trying to sell stuff to people. I tried a free sample of an energy drink at the Coca-Cola booth and I was surprised at the jolt of caffeine that thing gave me. They also threw out little footballs to the crowd and one actually bounced off the guy behind me and landed right in my book sack which I brought along to carry stuff in. There was a huge, huge line for the breakfast and then again later for the lunch which was included in the price of admission. The food was pretty good, but the wait was way too long for the trouble. Now, if you and your buddies were there to sit around and drink beer all day which there was plenty of, then you might have a different take on the event. There were a lot of fellows making trips with their yellow cups to refill on Bud. If you were to ask one of these guys about the event, he might have a different "take" on the event depending on how many beers he had.

The morning still held great promise until the announcement by Joe McKnight of John Curtis High School in Louisiana decided to shun the Tigers in favor of the hated USC Trojans. I recorded this event of course anticipating that he would choose the Tigers and wanted to capture the excitement. It wasn't exactly what I was hoping for. McKnight announced he was going to USC. It was not a happy room full of Tiger fans.

After that fiasco it took a while to get really excited about anything else the rest of the day. LSU did in fact have a very good recruiting class signing the top safety and wide receiver in the country. LSU does indeed already have a whole bunch of very talented running backs too, so in hindsight it wasn't the end of the world. There were no guarantees that Joe McKnight will be the next Reggie Bush. Later on around 1:00 or so our friend Vernon showed up. He was bored too and wasn't there nearly as long as we were.

The idea for this party is a good one but the people who organize it should do a better job in coming up with ideas, speakers and so forth to fill in the down time. There was too much of it in my opinion. The new LSU baseball coach did speak at one point. That was okay. Another speaker bored the crowd to death as he went onto great detail about how he plans for an LSU road game for the team to travel. It was interesting at first but then went on and on. So, in summary of my day at the LSU Bayou Bash, I was disappointed as well as were my two friends who joined me. It was not worth the $40 that it cost. I am a huge Tiger fan and love the excitement of the games. This event just wasn't what I had hoped for.