Monday, July 18, 2016

Baton Rouge Hurting

Having grown up in Baton Rouge, the events of the last several weeks have been difficult to take. My experiences in Baton Rouge for most of my life have been overall quite positive. I don't ever recall things being that bad but of course I grew up in a time where there was no social media and instant video cameras in everyone's pocket with their cell phones. I know that the people of Baton Rouge are good people and the attention the city has gained has certainly not been what the city leaders have desired. From the unfortunate death of Anton Sterling at the hands of police officers during a struggle to the brazen military style murder of three fine police officers on Airline Highway this past Sunday morning, these have not been the best of times in Baton Rouge. I hope that if you stop by to read this post that you must realize that Baton Rouge is not a bad place. Like all cities across America it has problems but by and large it is not a bad city. This post is to ask all to pray for peace for Baton Rouge and the rest of our great country. Let's not let the bad actions of a few people turn everyone against each other with hatred. May God bless the city of Baton Rouge and may God bless the United States of America.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Four Wheeler ATV Riding

If you live in the Baton Rouge area, one fun activity that you may choose to get into is four wheeler riding. I purchased a pair of four wheelers from a local dealer around Christmas time in order to have something to do with my family that was a break from sports and dance. It was a big investment for me and my family to buy these machines but I figured that my time with my kids will soon be up as they grow and move on with their lives. I want to make as many fond memories as I can with my kids and I thought the four wheeler riding would be something that would be really fun and that they would enjoy. We took our new machines out with close friends in January of 2015 to a place no for outside of Baton Rouge called Tower Trax in Fluker, Louisiana. This is a huge place over 1,000 acres for people to ride there. They charge $10 per person and $10 per ATV. It's well worth it, especially if you don't have your own land to ride on. Tower Trax is a huge place with some really good trails that ATV riders from all over the area come to ride. We had a great trip and my friend had a Go Pro camera on his machine and we took some great video. There was a particularly funny event that took place about a third of the way into the trail ride that day. My son stuck his four wheeler and then, well, watch the short YouTube video yourself and you can see why we were all laughing so hard. If you are looking for something fun to do and can afford it, then ATV riding is something you may want to consider giving a try.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bayou Country Superfest Better Than Ever

After taking a year off from attending, my family and I once again attended the Bayou Country Superfest concert featuring some top notch big time country music superstars in Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge in May of 2014. For the first time, the concert was extended to three nights with Reba McIntyre and George Strait playing on the Friday night of the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend. Supposedly, for those people that are really big George Strait fans, he put on an awesome show and it was also said to be one of his final performances ever. We did not go on the Friday night but did go the final to days and nights. On Saturday the performers were Gloriana, Easton Corbin, Lee Brice, Florida-Georgia Line and Luke Bryan. I really enjoyed Lee Brice more than I was expecting to and Florida-Georgia Line is a talented duo that really put on a great show. I can see these two guys could easily be headliners for this big time concert sometime in the future. They were full of energy and did a great job with hits like "Shine On" and "This is how we roll". Luke Bryan, not surprisingly, even ran out on stage to join FGL for his part of "This is how we roll" and the crowd really liked that. Luke Bryan was the headliner for the night. I was most looking forward to hearing and seeing him perform for this night. I was a bit disappointed to my surprise. Luke came out on stage and seemed to be on a bit of an ego trip of something. He started messing around on the keyboard and playing random songs that his band had no idea what he was trying to do. It was getting late and I was tired and my ten year old daughter was extremely tired and just trying to stay awake by the time Luke was on stage. I was ready for him to play his familiar songs that had made him a star. Finally, he did start to perform his own songs and we lasted through some of them but we decided we would leave a little early to beat the traffic and get our tired selves and kids back home to get some rest so we could return the last day of the concert. We returned on Sunday to hear Joe Nichols, Big & Rich, Hunter Hayes, Eric Church and Jason Aldean. This was no doubt a star studded line up and promised to be a good day. After tailgating out on the "Old Front Nine" grassy area outside Tiger Stadium with some friends we made our way back into the stadium for another big day of music and fun. Big & Rich are kind of unusual but I liked them and they brought there black cowboy buddy, Cowboy Troy, to spice things up a bit and they were fun. Hunter Hayes was more appealing to some of the younger people at the concert, especially the girls and some of them held up signs that Hunter could see. Hunter Hayes is a talented young man and he is also from nearby Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. It was good to see a talented and seemingly nice young man get to perform in front of his home state fans. Eric Church began his performance at about 7 PM when it had just gotten dark and the crowd was pumped up and ready to party by the time he took the stage. Eric Church portrays a rather tough guy or "badass" persona and does it quite well. He was really good and the crowd was loving every minute of his show. Eric Church truly seems to enjoy what he's doing and doesn't seem to mind mixing it up with his fans. He got a beer from someone in the crowd and chugged it along with a fan in the crowd. Everybody cheered wildly while he did this. His "These Boots" song was fun too as he got a couple of boots from fans to hold up while he sang and he autographed then before he handed them back. My son who is 14 at the time said that he really liked the performance too. Jason Aldean was the headliner for Sunday night and the last performer for the entire concert. For whatever reason, Aldean's equipment somehow had not arrived at the stadium. This is hard to believe that his stuff could not have been there on time given the magnitude of this big concert with 50,000 plus fans in attendance. It took about 45 minutes for Aldean to begin playing as the crowd was getting really restless. The crowd even started to do the wave while we were waiting for the roadies to get Aldean's stuff all set up to play. Aldean wasted no time and went strait into singing all his big hits and did a good job. Once again, we left a little early and missed the last few songs but again it was very late and we were all quite tired. All in all, the Bayou Country Superfest is a great event to attend. Local news reported that the event was a great one for the local hotels and restaurants and it pumped a lot of money into the Baton Rouge economy. If you are a country music fan and can make it to this event next year I think you will have a great time like we did.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Mardi Gras Time

Last weekend, I took my family down to Houma. LA which is about an hour and a half from Baton Rouge. My good friend from high school lives down there with his family. We like to go down there during the Mardi Gras season to visit with him and catch some of the many parades that they offer down there in Houma. The parades are always a great family event to go to. Of course, in the Baton Rouge area there are the popular Spanish Town parade and the Southdowns parade too and those are great parades and fun for the family. I believe that the Spanish Town parade can get a little raunchy but as I recall there is a designated area to sit for those that are cutting up. If you have never been to a Mardi Gras parade there are plenty of options that are family friendly and not down in New Orleans. There are parades all over South Louisiana to attend.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Circus Tickets

A friend and co-worker that lives nearby was able to get me some tickets to the upcoming Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus that will be held this weekend and the River Center in downtown Baton Rouge. The last time that I took my kids was a very long time ago when my daughter was just about two years old or so. It looks like the cheapest tickets start at around $24 dollars so this may be something that you would like to look into doing with your kids. I hope to post a few pictures and a post on our experience here for you to  read up on soon after we go. Here is the link that will take you to where you can purchase tickets if you would like to go.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rock Star Go Kart Racing in Baton Rouge

Yesterday, I took my kids to the neighbors birthday party at a new go kart racing place I had heard about recently. It is not anything like the races you are familiar with at probably Celebration Station which are outdoors. This place is located at Airline Highway and Old Jefferson Highway right close to Parkview Baptist Church. It is a former large grocery store that has been converted into an indoor go kart race track. There appears to be a smaller track set up outside but since is was sort of rainy and wet it appeared to be closed. Well, anyway the place is very safety conscious and kids have to have their parent sign a waiver before they are allowed to race in the slower race featuring the junior karts that go slower. No they still go about 15 to 20 miles per hour so that's not that slow. Anyway, since we were there for a birthday party we were ushered off to the backside of the race track where the birthday party room is located. After our hostess girls brought us some pitchers of coke, the kids just had to wait a short while for their turn to race. The kids were all issued their own black "do-rag" type thing that they were to wear before putting on the helmet. This is probably a good thing to prevent the spread of lice. Anyway, a young man came into the party room before the kids were race and went over the safety rules on the track and took any questions. Then he led the kids to the far side of the building and they got in their junior karts and had a blast racing against each other. Each kart is apparently equipped with a GPS type of device that tracks the karts speed per lap and fastest lap time and also tracks who is winning the race by completing the most laps. When a driver has a spin out then all karts have to stop while the young men run to help the driver straighten out and then they all get going again. The kids all had a really good time and this is a really nice place. My daughter is only nine at the time of this post and she drove her own kart and did just fine racing the older boys. If the grownups want in on the action they have some adult races with some much faster karts. These karts go about 25-30 miles an hour. I didn't get to try that but it sure looks like a blast. Rock Star GO Kart Racing is a really fun thing to do in Baton Rouge.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sound of Music

Tonight we decided to watch the great musical, The Sound of Music on TV together as a family. It's been a long while and somehow my kids have never seen it. I must have seen this movie at least ten times as a kid but of course back then we had no cable television or Internet to give us other choices to be entertained. It was good to watch it together. My son was not easily forced to watch but my daughter enjoyed it very much. It was a nice family night with a good movie.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

TIgers going to Chik-Fil-A Bowl

Well, the Tigers hope for a quality bowl game did not turn out like they had hoped. The LSU Tigers will take on the Clemson Tigers in a battle of teams with 10-2 records. I guess there are some clever scores to settle here such as who has the REAL Death Valley and which team is the REAL Tigers. I'm pretty sure my LSU Tigers will show Clemson what real SEC caliber football is all about. It still stings a bit to think what might have been had the Tigers been able to hang on and win after such a great performance against the hated Alabama Crimson Tide. Yes, I'm sorry. I do hate them. Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Football Season well underway

Football season is rolling right along in the Baton Rouge area. The LSU a tigers are highly ranked but have been unimpressive so far with a struggle to beat the atowson Tigers from the state of Maryland last night in a wet and smallw crowd in Tiger Stadium. A season ticket holder myself, I'm glad I chose to skip last night's game. I watched it on ESPNU and it was quite boring. The Tigers better pick things up quickly as the travel to Gainsville, Florida this coming Saturday to play a strong Florida Gators team that's on the rise with their coach, Will Muschamp. The Tigers are struggling to get their passing game unleashed under their new QB, Zack Mettenberger. He did connect on a couple of big plays to WR Odell Beckham Jr. But he needs more consistency and better pass protection to have the time to throw the ball.

Out a Southern, things are going better for the Jaguars after they fired Coach Stump Mitchell they seem to be playing much better and have won both games since that coaching change. Don't ever underestimate the value of a coach to a team. I think all you need to do is look at the New Orleans Sints and their 0-3 start with the absence of head coach Sean Payton. Hopefully, the Saints can turn things around quickly or the chances of them making the NFL playoffs seems unlikely.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Wimpy Kid Movie - Rodrick Rules was FUN

My wife and I took the kids to see the new Wimpy Kid movie Sunday afternoon. I was looking forward to a nice afternoon outing with my family. I was not overly excited about the movie as I had seen the first Wimpy Kid movie and didn't think it was all that great. Boy, I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I laughed really hard and often as the poor kid was harassed by his older brother, Rodrick, in the movie. It was all just silly stuff but we all had fun and a lot of big laughs. Something about laughing just makes you feel good. I recommend the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Rodrick Rules movie for good family fun.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Welcome to Baton Rouge. This site is guide to help you in your online visit to this great Louisiana city. Whether you are looking for Louisiana real estate or a Baton Rouge restaurant or searching for things to do, I'm sure you'll find this site useful. I'm Terry Hoover and this site will supply you with information you need on one of the South's greatest and fastest growing cities. Find information on LSU football, important news, entertainment, real estate, restaurants, hotels and all other things you need to know about the dynamic city.

Whether you're catching an LSU football on a Saturday night or dining out with friends or family, there's always lots of choices of things to do. I love to dine out on the weekends with my family so I'll tell you about the area's restaurants from my own family's dining experiences and those of my family and friends.

The surrounding areas of East Baton Rouge Parish are experiencing tremendous growth. This site will supply information on these areas including Ascension and Livingston Parishes. What is a parish you might ask? It's basically the Louisiana version of a county. Yes, things are done a little differently in Louisiana.

The city's name is a French term meaning "Red Stick." It has grown to become Louisiana's largest city. If you are traveling or moving to the city or a resident looking to explore and find things to do, this is the place to be.

Come visit or just enjoy this online guide for Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It's a wonderful city. Come catch the excitement of an LSU football game or dine out with me and my family. There's lots to do here. Explore this site and see why it is a great place be.

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011

Harlem Globetrotters

Just this past Friday night (2-11-2011) I was able to take my son Tyler to see the Harlem Globetrotters. I have long been an fan of this traveling basketball team of skilled players and comedians. I just loved to see these guys perform when I was a a kid. They had a cartoon that I used to watch. I remember believing that they never missed a shot because they never did on the cartoon. Anyway, Tyler has always been a big basketball fan and I knew he would enjoy this if we went and I was right.

After a dinner at our local Raisin' Canes here in Denham Springs we hit the highway and got off on the Government exit at about 6:15. Plenty of time to make it into the parking garage right? Wrong! I was very frustrated at the lack of progress we made in the right hand lane to try to make it up to the parking garage. I don't know what the policemen were doing but it was 7:15 before we made it into the garage and the show had started at 7:00. Of course to make things worse, the construction caused us to go way around out of our way to make it to the entrance. Worse yet, my tickets were at the will call window. This should have just taken a minute but the will call window was the same as a regular ticket window which had plenty of people waiting to buy tickets at the last minute. The mistake was not leaving earlier I guess and certainly coming in a different road would have been better. It was very frustrating and we ended up finally in our seats after missing most of the first quarter.

Despite these troubles, once seated and settled down and seated we had a nice time. Our seats were down low on the side so they were pretty good. W had to boot some people out of one of them when we got there. Anyway, Tyler was truly amazed at all the things that the Harlem Globetrotters were able to do. The high flying dunks and amazing dribbling skills were thrilling to watch. The cast of characters though different from when I was a kid was essentially the same winning formula that I remember. The Globetrotters play a game against the Generals and stop every once in a while for a comedy skit of some sort during the game involving the referees or the fans. It is good family fun and I enjoyed this time with my son. He's getting to be older now and I am treasuring all these moments that I can with him. We both had a good time seeing the Harlem Globetrotters in Baton Rouge and I would sure recommend it as a fun thing to do in Baton Rouge for you and your family the next time they are in town. Just be sure to leave early enough.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baton Rouge Zoo

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Trip to the Baton Rouge Zoo

Without a doubt, one of my favorite things to do is take my children to the Baton Rouge zoo. Above is a more recent picture of the kids looking at the giraffes. My daughter just loves the giraffes. On one of our first trips there we rode the train for first time. The kids liked it but Haley said it was loud. My wife and I usually get the family membership that the zoo offers for about $35.oo per year. This enables us to go as many times as we want during the year for a one time fee. You must present a picture ID when you use the card to prevent fraudulent use of the zoo pass card as it is sent to you in the mail. I guess people will even try to scam the zoo these days. Anyway, we've found it to be a great value for our family. If you live in the Baton Rouge area and have kids, I recommend the zoo annual membership program for sure.

Below is a picture of me and the kids as we get ready to ride the zoo train. You can really tell that my daughter has grown up a lot since this train ride.

There is a brand new Tiger exhibit at the zoo and new rest rooms and other renovations under way. There is an aquarium and reptile exhibit towards the back of the zoo. It's excellent and showcases many of the fish native to Louisiana's fresh and salt waters. A bonus of touring this building is that it has cool air conditioning to take a break from the heat outside on this hot summer day.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baton Rouge Old State Capitol

Tyler and I went to another field trip this past week. We went to see the Louisiana old state capitol building. This was the original capitol building in Baton Rouge before Huey Long built the tallest one that I've also shown you pictures of on this site.

Anyway, Tyler and I met this nice lady Susan who was a tour guide for the building. I told her I am a teacher by profession so she was happy to show us around a bit downstairs for a brief private tour.

One of the the most breathtaking aspects to the newly renovated Louisiana old state capitol building is the view of the stained glass windows in the ceiling at the top of the staircase. Susan informed me that this is not original to the building but it sure looks like it was a good idea to add it. It is quite a sight.

We went around downstairs where we were able to stand at a political podium and press a button to see speeches of former governors of the state of Louisiana. This was a well done exhibit and added a nice realistic touch.

Down the hallway was for sure one of my favorite parts of out trip to the Louisiana old state capitol building. It was the animated Huey Long statue. When you walk into the room the motion detectors pick up that a person is in the room and the lights dim and the lights come up on Huey over in the corner and he begins to talk about his political achievements and all sorts of amusing things. It's most impressive and if you like Huey Long, you'll really love this moving and talking statue. Of course Huey Long was a former Louisiana governor during the depression and later became a United States senator. Many observers felt his popularity at the time was enough for him to run for president and possibly win. Here's me in front of the Huey statue below. Tyler took this picture. He likes to take pictures when I let him.

Huey Long was assassinated at the age of 42 under somewhat suspicious circumstances. The official story was that Dr. Carl Weis shot him over being upset about Huey having his father-in-law's judicial district redrawn to take him out of power. It really doesn't make a lot of sense why this reputable man would do something like this. Anyway, here's the gun that was later recovered that shot the bullet that ended up killing Huey Long.

Though the majority of the exhibits were downstairs, we did go upstairs to see a few things. There was a large open reception room where I believe many parties, wedding receptions and things like that have taken place. Indeed, a beautiful place to have a wedding or reception. It was really nice to see the sun shining through the stained glass window in this room.

We also saw a nice portrait of former governor Mike Foster hanging upstairs. The painting also depicts Foster's grandfather in the background. He was Louisiana Governor Murphy James Foster who served from 1896-1900. Governor Mike Foster was the one who helped get the renovations done to the Louisiana old state capitol building and turn it into a museum. Foster was governor for two terms beginning in the mid 1990's.

Above is a picture of Tyler on the winding staircase. He thought that was really cool. I was a little scared he would fall down the stairs so I urged him to hold onto the railing.

We made our way back downstairs and went to the gift shop. Tyler got a really long pencil and I got a political button with a Huey Long slogan on it, "Every Man a King." I also got a Huey Long bobble head doll to bring to my class. I couldn't resist it and I was thinking my students would get a kick out of it. We had a great trip to the Louisiana old state capitol building. It is something everyone should see.

Information:Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM Sunday 12:00 Noon - 4:00 PM-- Admission is free

Contact Information: Call 225-342-0500 or 800-488-2968 to schedule a tour or event